Getting crafty with more baby pressies!

Handmade chicken soft toys handmade chicken soft toys A few weeks ago, Graeme sent me a link to this blog which really inspired me to start other crafty stuff other than knitting, especially as she seems to whip out a project every few days and it takes me months to finish a piece of knitting!

So a link on that blog was to a free chicken soft toy pattern, which I then braved the sewing machine to make – wow sewing is SO much fun, it’s so easy and fast and heaps of fun!  I ended up making 3 of them LOL!  I then felt brave enough to do a monster toy which was a request from one of the pairs of parents-to-be.  These soft toys along with some paintings and knitting will be finding their way to people shortly!!!

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3 Responses to Getting crafty with more baby pressies!

  1. Naomi says:

    Sewing is fun :)

  2. Lizzy May says:

    eheh, too cute! i have a toy-making friend who will think those are adorable!

  3. Mum and Dad says:

    Great idea, Rachel, and very satisfying, I imagine…

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